Jah Is The Only King

by Sadiki

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released November 20, 2012



all rights reserved


Sadiki Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Paradise
Early, early morning rise gotta get up can’t snooze / Shake myself off, sleep leave my eyes alone,
I take a look around my little town slowly coming together now / It still ain’t much and it’s lacking such and such and such,
But it’s my Paradise / Heat is broken again, cold night cold morning, And the water’s dripping this drip-drop won’t stop /
Outside I hear sirens screaming, another one bites the dust / And inside these mice keep whispering saying “I man dem
nuh trust” / And as I face this ungrateful world I must, Give thanks for this roof above my head might not be much,

CHO: But it’s my Paradise, Paradise, It’s my Paradise, Paradise so I man celebrate / Inna my Paradise, It’s my Paradise

On the road I push, time to do battle with this traffic / Every morning it’s the same story, when some people gonna learn /
Ain’t nothing hard to this thing foot to the pedal and accelerate (Drive yuh car!) / One on the right is the right one no brakes
no brakes, Red lights before me now, I’m late

Good morning boss – Good morning boss, No answer / Good morning boss – Good morning boss, Little fake smile /
Co-worker looking all pleased with himself as if he’s done something right / I have a right hand fi wipe a little piece of him
smile / But a Friday so me naah fight / Tick-tock, tick-tock come on five o-clock, little slimmas coming over tonight

Keys in the door all kind of movement from within, wah- dis? / Ben and him family scurry them scurry scurrying taking over
my Paradise / Planning to overthrow me real soon, But me naah fight / Rpt. Chorus
Track Name: All In Love
I said you can’t stop this movement, Can’t stop this movement now Cause this is one, one, one, one love

CHO: We’re gonna see the Christians moving up, Rasta man moving up, All in Love, Love, Love, We’re all in Love, Love, Love /
So let me see th Muslims moving up, Israelites moving up, All in Love, Love, Love, We’re all in Love, Love, Love

No you can’t stop this, movement can’t stop this, see the Lord has made His people strong, strong, strong / I know you don’t like this, but you can’t fight this / If you know what I know you would, move it along along along

I I’m pre-occupied by this movement inna mi mind / Pon di borderline so I ain’t got no time / Keep your weed, keep your coke, keep your wine, I man a get high off a sunshine / Trying not fi get caught up inna dem dragnet, Jah dun gimme a mission and it’s well set / So go way with unnu big bag of illusion man nuh buy nuh confusion / People take your stand, oh make your decision yeah, Love is the plan, Love is the plan

And now we’re standing together / They don’t wanna see us, don’t wanna see us rise, rise / On this journey together to Love’s sweet paradise, can’t believe their eyes

Hey walk with me just a little bit further, going to the Promised Land / Hey move your feet a little bit faster going to the Promised Land / Rpt. Chorus and 1st Verse
Track Name: Jah Is The Only King
Look at them all claiming to be the King, King King King King / Look at them all claiming to be the King

Some a king a this, some a dem a king a that / Some say them have the whole world lock / Some a dem a king a white and king of black, galang like a dem run the clock / Dem a tell yuh mind how yuh walk, and watch how you chat / Fi show respect to some big ediot, but like the king of rock and all the king of pop / The whole a unnu can fall from the top

CHO: Jah is the only King, Jah is the only King, Jah is the only King, Good love Jah Jah him bring

Every man must humble themself now can’t walk inna Jah Jah shoes / Building empires that we can’t rule / When I was younger I said I’d grow up to be the king of all queens, foolish little dream

So I don’t wanna be a king no more, Just wanna build up Jah Jah’s empire / Don’t wanna be a king no more / For I’ve seen, I’ve seen what it does to good men / How they become selfish, full of hatred and try to avoid judgment

To Chorus then 1st Verse
Track Name: Love Mood
CHO: Girl you put me in a love mood, love mood / I love the way you move and your attitude

There’s just something about you, drives me wild / You hit me with one little kiss and I’m begging for more like a child / Girl what you got in your candy, makes me wanna stay all night / Addicted to your sweet bliss, I can’t deny

I know somebody tonight, knows exactly what I’m talking about / When you’ve found that one to love, and they take your every thought / Been working all day God knows I’m tired, but I can’t even sleep / ‘Til I tick you off my list, then my day’s complete / Keep bringing your love baby, don’t ever stop it girl

Baby don’t you stop it no, bring your loving on / I’ve got a yearning for you baby and it just won’t stop
for me and you / Just relax there’s nothing left for you to do / Rpt. Chorus
Track Name: Mama
CHO: Oh Mama, Oh my little Mama, your big son, naa let you down / Oh Mama, Oh my little Mama, your big son naa let you down

Phone rings, well a who is this on the line now, Mama what a wonderful surprise / Girl how you doing you’ve been here on my mind, me buy the phone card today was gonna call you about nine / So mek we chat, long time we no reason, but with the youths dem and the music season / It’s so hard for us to stay in touch but you’re still my favorite girl, Yeah / So how’s life? Kingston Jamaica? The family and mi likkle girlfriend Sheranda, shhhh, No mek wifey know ‘bout her please, big secret between you and me

Mama laugh she say you’re just like your father, Silent River but yaa big lady killa / Cho Mama no mek it look so bad, you’re
still my number one / Ooh Mama sometime me feel so bad, me know me nuh call and it mek you sad / But nothing can’t part this yah love we have, You’re still my number one

Tell me Mama, how is your health? Mama neva answer, She naa hear so well, So me affi say it likkle louder / How is your health, You check the blood pressure? / Stop shout inna me ears bwoy, yu know me a yu Mother?

Me start think because me know me Madda a something mussi wrong mek she a go round the answer / Mama memba a you
big son de ya, can’t fool me this a Buckley Jr. / So how is your health, when last you go a doctor? / No worry bout dat it inna the hands o’ the Father

Me knees start fi knock me heart a beat faster, Mama say sit down me aggo give you the answer

Well wa day dem get me vex, dem run whole heap a test / Di likkle dutty doctor all a feel up mi chest / Me naa go mek you guess you know me the best / Dem say six months and you will be motherless

Me drop the phone, get the loan, lock up the home, and done book mi ticket fi go straight a Jamaica / Fifty big box mi bring fi
di doctor / Can’t believe him really say dah ‘C’ word there to my little Mama

The world knows my Mama, she’s a very special Lady / Father please don’t take her away from me not until she sees,
A little bit of good livity / I remember growing up wasn’t easy, but she was always there fi me, sacrifice her life fi we, Now she’s my responsibility/ Rpt. Chorus
Track Name: All Over The World
What's going on in your life tonight, do you feel like taking a ride, come meet me outside / Yes we're leaving on a jet plane, tell me what you think about Spain, or maybe Japan in the rain / You know you're my favorite girl, Sing along if you know you're my number girl

CHO: Take you all over the world, I'm gonna take you all over the world, Take you all over the world, Ooh / Montreal, Paris, Japan, Germany maybe England or Italy, I swear I'm gonna make you see the world

Only you stood by my side, through the rough times and the hungry nights, / And you never lost your faith, You knew we'd see the day, when we'd be taking worldwide holidays / By now you know you're my favorite girl, Baby you know you're my number girl

CHO: Take you all over the world, I'm gonna take you all over the world, Take you all over the world / Israel,
Kenya, New York, Romania Koala Bears in Australia, I swear I'm gonna make you see the world
Track Name: Lovers Flight
Once we were lost, now I’m found / Wasn’t looking for love, but two hearts were love bound / Now we’re on this plane, we’re gonna go all the way / Taking this Lover’s Flight

Baby hold on here we go, lemme lead you to the place where ecstacy overflows / It’s not too late to return, she quickly says no / We’re taking this Lover’s Flight

I’m trying to be calm but I’m shaken up, and if I’m dreaming don’t wake me up / Never thought I’d touch the sky, Now I see heaven in your eyes / Our Lover’s Flight, we’ve been moving all night, and now let’s just hold each other baby

Wake up, wake up baby, I wanna take you on another ride / Say we gotta hurry, gotta rush, gotta work we can catch the morning flight / Spread your wings, I wanna go all the way / Feels good on this Lover’s Flight, Oh Baby

Now hold on here we go, Lemme lead you to the place way above the clouds / Do you wanna return, She whispers Oh No / We’re taking this Lover’s Flight, Oh Yeah

Now life is shaping up, with you I’m waking up / Never thought I’d touch the skies, now I see heaven in your eyes / Our Lover’s Flight / We’ve been moving all night and now let’s just hold each other baby, Wake up, wake up baby, Hey wake up girl / You’re so beautiful in the moonlight / Our Lover’s Flight / We’ve been moving all night / Now let’s rest baby, baby
Track Name: Slow and Sexy
DJ please play for my lady, make it slow and sexy, DJ please play for my lady, make it slow and sexy,

CHO: Each time we kiss / Never know love coulda feel like this / Girl each time we score / Never know that I coulda want you more / And as we cut this dance floor / Every little inch of our bodies we’ll explore / Ain’t no surprise what we got on our mind

No use pretending baby, you and I are sexy and we’re grown / Flirting and dancing all night baby, wanna be the lucky man to take you home / Burning but it ain’t the heat of the club, yearning sex drive rub-a-dub / DJ please play for my lady make it slow and sexy

So much soul you make me bold baby, let’s take a ride and see how far it goes / I’ll be your private security baby, and strip search you from your head to your toes / Burning the highest grade up in the club, yearning sex drive rub-a-dub / DJ please play for my lady make it slow and sexy

DJ keep playing so we can keep it slow and sexy I love her touching all over me / Please don’t you change the tempo keep it slow and sexy / Rpt. Chorus
Track Name: Before The Time
This one's for my brothers, Wo brothers keep your head up

We all have, broken promises faded dreams, disappointment in our lives / Thought by now, you'd have the world at your command, seems like time passed you by / Giving up was never easy until now, Quit was never a word until now / All the years you've worked and sacrificed, ain't enough to pay the price, can't believe you're still at the waiting stage,

CHO: Still nothing ever comes before the time, nothing ever works until you try / Forget your fears and lay it on the line, cause it's never gonna work until you try

Had dreams of being a doctor, Wall Street's most powerful lawyer, anything but a struggling man / But lack in resource made your priorities change, and basic survival, becomes the game / You've carried your burdens for so long, you'll wanna lay them down and just move on / Pocket's broke but life remains, bear your pain and take the shame, caught up in the traffic, but the lights must change / Back to Chorus, then Rpt. 1st vrs.

To Chorus then Rpt. 1st vrs.
Track Name: Show You
Have to find a way fi tell this girl how mi feel / Mi nuh want use dem words deh, even though it’s for real / I don’t wanna lose this girl

Woman how can I tell you what I’m feeling without saying those words / So many people use them and how we abuse them / Woman, me have a genuine thing to give you, I don’t wanna use those words / And now that I choose you, I don’t wanna lose you

CHO: So me aggo show you, me aggo prove it to you girl. Baby mek me show you, you are the sunshine inna mi world / Forever I’ll adore you, and I don’t wanna lose you girl / So me a ggo show you. prove it to you girl

Woman, so many people use those three words and still they go astray, yes it’s good when we feel it but actions reveal it / Woman, a million ways every day gonna prove that this heart is yours, and you don’t have to steal it, The Lord done seal it

Bridge: Yes I’m gonna take my time and show you / Words are not enough no no / Do what I got to make it grow / And mi know say Father God is on our side, there’s a rainbow in the sky / And it’s for you and it’s for me, come baby come see

To Cho x 2
Track Name: Destiny's Child
Sweet likkle dumpling, Sadiki wanna tell you something / Well I been looking for a love thing, Me nuh want nuh likkle cho

CHO: Are you Destiny’s Child, My Beautiful Woman tell me / Destiny’s Child, My Angel divine / Stay for a while, Beautiful woman

You you you sweet likkle thing, pretty likkle thing, well imagine what beautiful kids we woulda bring / Like Sadiki same way dem aggo sing, from birth dem a go mash up riddim / You affi keep me warm with your pretty dark skin, keep me calm even if a browning / Ring me alarm with your waist wining, mash up me head the way you riding

Well if you know you a take care of your body, yuh nuh mix with every body, head good yuh nuh maddy maddy, Destiny / Spirit good yuh Goddy Goddy, charming persona-na-lity, satisfying sexually / All when me drop off a shape financially you still down fi me, you nah go round me, yuh nuh out a road a clown and a drown me / Can’t caught up inna the hype and all di vanity gotta be real like reality - Sing the song fi me child

Sweet likkle dumpling, Let me tell you something / Been looking for a love thing, Me nuh want nuh likkle fun thing / nuh badda think me just a look slim, I will manage anything / Me tek di good good vitamin, So me will damage all a fat ting

To Cho x 2
Track Name: Live Some Life
Turn on the radio, turn on the TV, looting and shooting heating up the streets / In the movies and on the internet, love is what you want but war is what you get / I can’t believe the reality sometimes, that there’s no place to feel secure anymore / But when you really stop and think about it, what’s the use of worrying / We can’t do anything about it, let tomorrow bring what it’s gonna bring

CHO: So get up wake up take it on another level / Wake up shake up live life like a rebel / Don’t let the sun pass you by, go on and live some life / Tell the world you’re doing fine, not gonna lose your mind even though you see the sign of the times / Me say a likkle bit of fun affi run / Get out and live some life

Sit down and think about it, you’ve only got one life to live / And if today’s your last day the world should say that you did it positive

Bridge: There will be storms, a lifetime of pain, press through the rain / Cause when it’s over, you lived, lived yeah

To Cho x 2